Prestige Digital creates engaging websites and premium brands that help small businesses make a big impact.

We love what we do and you will too.

Prestige Digital will help you take charge of your business – from pixel to paper.
We’ve got you covered – brand creation and management, engaging websites that adapt to all modern devices, maintenance, hosting, domain services and digital marketing that will convert visitors into customers.


Helping you get ahead of the competition.

Website Design

Beautiful, modern and mobile friendly. From budget-friendly site leasing to complex custom builds, we always strike a balance of?timeless aesthetics and intuitive design.
Wordpress & Shopify

Custom Web Design


Mobile & Responsive Design

Landing Pages

Branding & Visual Identity

Website Maintenance

Website Hosting

Domain name registration

Staff Training

Creative & Graphics

Good design is good business. We?develop thoughtful and consistent brand strategies to?get you noticed and generate loyal clientele for years to come.

Logo Design

Graphic Design


Content Planning

Strategy & Consulting

Digital Marketing

Dominate your online market. Your business deserves to be seen and we’ll help you achieve results that make a measurable impact to your business.

Google Ads

Web Analytics

Google My Business

Email Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns

Prestige Digital is like a secret that I want to keep to myself, but deserves to be shared. Owner and creative genius, Sara Lang, is a talented designer who offers exceptional service from design and branding to SEO and hosting. She is also an exceptional person who is a consummate professional and easy to work with.
Debra S. White
Criminal Defense Attorney / Law Office of Debra S. White
Sara has done 2 logos and 2 websites for me now and she's just phenomenal. She's the best, hands down. She's creative, quick, efficient, and super professional. She just knows how to make your site reflect you and your brand.
Shanine Dennill
I couldn’t be more happy with my website, my logo and the customer service Sara provided.

She listened to what I wanted, curated a design and website which reflected my vision and my purpose and she was so responsive and helpful.

I am thrilled with the end result and totally recommend everyone who needs a logo, website and a friendly and fresh approach to see Sara ?
Allie Sommerville
Certified Holistic Nutritionist / From Allie With Love
Working with Sara was one of the best decision I made - she went above and beyond in every way! Sara encouraged me to be picky and developed a logo and website that couldn't feel more "me"!

Sara helped me with things that fell far beyond her job responsibilities, for example, guiding me in registering my business. Highly recommend!!
Kelly Fife
Founder of Shifting Perspectives / Shifting Perspective Therapy
We were very impressed with Prestige Digital’s ability to translate the spirit of our company into visual material. Our new logo and business cards turned out even better than I had imagined they would be! Sara’s creative and branding skills are on point and she even was able to assist us with content for our website! We definitely plan to work with Prestige Digital again in the future and we would undoubtedly recommend her services to others!
Erika MacKay
Owner & Interior Designer / Hamilton Office Pro
It was an absolute pleasure working with Sara! She brought her creativity, passion and expertise to transform a vision on paper to a beautiful reality.

She worked closely with us throughout the entire process – from branding, to content and graphics to setting up the entire online store. I would recommend Sara in a heartbeat and will continue working with her on other upcoming projects!
Anna & Yvan Lozano
Sara took the time to get to know my personality and understand the vision of my business. She took all of that and then created an identity for my new business that accurately reflected this. Sara took care of all of my promotional needs with her “one stop shopping” services.
Chantelle Marcotte

Featured Work

Websites & Brands that attract visitors and convert them to customers.

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Mobile: 905-317-6913

Thank you for visiting and I?look forward to connecting with you.

~Sara Lang, Owner & Creative Director

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